Software development


Process optimisation through individual software solutions

Business enterprises are multifaceted, as are their requirements in digital solutions. When off-the-shelf products reach their limits, we design the software for your company’s specific requirements needs. We are at your side from selecting the technology stack, through project planning to development and operation and this also in collaboration with your company’s internal IT team. In this way you benefit from digital processes for sustainable progress.




For more than a decade, in the field of development we place value on the principles of agile software development in connection with cutting-edge technologies. In a direct exchange with our clients, we work out flexible, scalable and robust solutions, as stand-alone applications or digitally networked with API connection to third-party systems, for the ideal software smoothly integrated in your system landscape.




Our vision for your application

Our designers are a well-coordinated team, with interacting and comprehensive skills. Benefit from their knowledge and from an individual software solution perfectly matched to your requirements and your system landscape.


Good planning is the primary precondition for the success of software projects. On the basis of our specialist knowledge in the fields of development and operations and at the same time based on a careful analysis of requirements, we choose the technologies and architecture for the planned solution.
Our work is agile so that at all times we are in a position to respond to changes.


Our priority is customer satisfaction and the development of high-quality applications for the creation of synergy between technology and usability.
We place great value on agility in the development process in order that you the clients see results at the earliest. Transparent communication also enables us to implement your wishes for customization as efficiently as possible. This applies to the whole duration of the project.

Sophisticated solutions

Scalability, security and performance. These are the fundamental demands we have on our software. Especially in the case of complex applications, precision in development is not arbitrary but mandatory.

For a software solution that provides you with the highest performance level at the same time with reliable protection of your data.


Security by Design

Application security is the basis of good software. For this reason our software planning goes hand in hand with the preparation of a suitable security concept, including security testing throughout the development process.
Deshalb geht unsere Planung der Software Hand in Hand mit der Erarbeitung des passenden Sicherheitskonzepts  – Security-Testing während des Entwicklungsprozesses inklusive.

For a software solution that provides you with the highest performance level at the same time with reliable protection of your data.

Process optimising

We design solutions as the foundation of your success. An application exactly matched to your requirements and business processes is without comparison in its potential to simplify and optimize your daily work routines and processes for the long term.

The major advantage is that your individual software solution is flexible and can be expanded. It grows with your company and with no dependency on manufacturer dependency.


From C# and Java to Go. In the world of programming languages, we are multilingual.
This enables us to select from various technologies the ones that are best suited to your requirements and best fit the context of your IT.

Continuous tests and reviews ensure the code quality for long-lasting software that performs well and is simple to maintain.

Wide-ranging tech stack for the ideal software solution

Experience and the hunger for knowledge are the perfect breeding grounds for progress and success. This is the right mix to apply the latest technologies in a tried and tested way. We conceive and develop according to professional methods, continually improving our processes and making the most of new technologies.
In technology matters we also place great value on transparency and the exchange of knowledge. We focus on high-quality Open-Source technologies such as Kubernetes and share our know-how and experience as Kubernetes Certified Service Provider with other companies.

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