Forming company futures – with agile IT infrastructures

In the dynamic markets of our modern working world, companies face new challenges every day. In order for them to master these, we unite IT operations and development by means of multidisciplinary collaboration and automated processes to provide company IT systems that gives them the flexibility they need to put new ideas into practice. Quick, simple and secure.
As Full-Service Partner we have many years of experience in practice in the fields of development and operations.




 In agile collaboration with your own IT department, we use this expertise in building up automated infrastructures, with all the advantages of “Platform as a Service”. Cloud-based, as On-Premises solution or hybrid. We support you in improving all your digital processes with DevOps innovation. For IT that is always up-to-date and that places new features at your disposal at the press of a button.

Flexibility, reliability and security through automated processes

For the ideal synergy between development and IT operations we rely on interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and continuous further development in cooperation with your team. Make use of our experience and know-how to make the most of your resources.


Highest level stability, integrated security and efficient deployment: We help you to benefit in full from DevOps in your company.

With the focus on teamwork and the continuous sharing of knowledge, we analyse your individual requirements for the creation of a specific DevOps strategy. In this way you continue to benefit from consistent further advancement, going beyond planning and implementation phases.


Digital processes demand maximized security, especially in the Cloud. We therefore integrate safety mechanisms into your infrastructure that are constantly developed further during the ongoing process.

With careful planning, regular testing and with automated security measures, we achieve the highest level of IT security for an infrastructure that reliably protects your data at top performance level.


Generating intelligent processes and applying modern tools in the best possible way – we provide you with all the right tools for further tuning the ongoing efficiency of your team.

With the aid of scripts, pipelines (CI/CD) and automated tests, we leave it up to the machine to provide services or infrastructure. This saves time, increases quality and reduces possible sources of error through manual entries to a minimum.

Platform as a Service ​

Bringing in innovations. Quickly, uncomplicated and secure. We place at your disposal all the IT resources that your team needs to start off. From applications infrastructure and container-based microservices through to proactive monitoring of the environment.

All this is intended such that your company benefits from a reliable platform, customized exactly to your requirements and which can be expanded efficiently at any time.

Modern Technologies

In the field of tension between speed and precision, we bring together our agile methods and stable environments.

We bring together the latest technology from diverse pools and combine these with our extensive know-how, that we consistently expand in order to provide you with solutions in conformity with your needs. There are no compromises.

Infrastructure as Code

In order to be able to place IT environments at your disposal that are reliable, high performance and flexible, we place great value on code-based infrastructures. For this we deploy declarative configuration languages such as Terraform or ARM-templates. This enables us to make environments available at the press of a button – without time-consuming manual intervention.

This is infrastructure without limits and matched precisely to your requirements.

Innovative application of cutting-edge technologies

Innovation is the key in all fields of DevOps. We are pioneers and have knowledge of all relevant technological systems. We continue to develop our know-how. This enables us to combine the latest technologies with proven practice in order to guarantee you solutions that really provide added value and at the same time can be introduced smoothly into your processes. In addition, in matters of technology, we place great value on transparency and the exchange of knowledge. This is also a reason that we value high-quality Source-Technologies such as Kubernetes whereby we share our knowledge and experience as Certified Service Provider with other companies.

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